About the NursEduPal@Euro intranet

On this page would be a closed platform for educators to communicate, like it was planned originally in the project plan. And it would be done by: KAJAANIN AMMATTIKORKEAKOULU OY according to project plan on the page 128 / 195.

“Virtual showroom will contain a closed platform for educators to enhance the networking for teachers around different countries.” (on the page 127 / 195 in the project plan)

Registration and login

When you register to the intranet, you will become a member of the NursEduPal@Euro community of educators in palliative care!

This is the procedure:

  1. Click the “Register” button on the right to create an account.
  2. Provide a username and an email address and a verification email will be sent to you from the address ”<wordpress@nursedupal.eu>” (TIP: check your junk-mail folder if you don’t get the email).
  3. Click the verification link and set your password.
  4. That’s it: you now have your account details!
  5. Login to the intranet to access and get engaged on the knowledge transfer and exchange forums.

You will be able to see the forums by clicking the button “View the NursEduPal@Euro Forums“ after you are logged in.

Goals of the intranet

Our aim is to join teachers from Europe and the world and stimulate exchange of experiences and didactic materials used to train undergraduate nurses in palliative care topics.

The intranet should also be seen as a tool to explore collaboration opportunities amongst higher education facilities and a platform to make announcements that are relevant for palliative care education.

Through discussion and exchange forums on particular palliative care topics, views can be compared on different approaches to promote palliative care education of undergraduate nurses.

The etiquette of the NursEduPal@Euro intranet

To ensure the best possible experience for all members, we have established some basic principles for participation. Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with these important guidelines. If you have questions, contact a NursEduPal@Euro project team member. By joining and engaging with the NursEduPal@Euro community, you agree that you have read and will follow the rules and guidelines.

  • The Intranet is not intended to be used for commercial messages;
  • Include the subject, theme, or topic of the posting in the Subject line. Many people do not open messages with blank Subject lines when they do not know the sender;
  • Respond to all communication in a respectful manner;
  • Communication should not include any statements that bully or discriminate people or groups;
  • Postings should not be abusive, offensive or threatening;
  • Any posting that contains inappropriate content may be removed;
  • Members of the NursEduPal@Euro team and community may not invade the privacy rights of others (e.g., by including addresses, telephone numbers, or other personal information about third parties without their consent).

In order to preserve an environment that encourages both civil and fruitful dialogue, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate membership in this community for anyone who violates these rules.

Intranet disclaimer

The NursEduPal@Euro team does not guarantee that subject matter shared within an online community or social media site is the most accurate or current information on the subject or topic. It is the responsibility of members of the NursEduPal@Euro community to ensure that postings do not violate the intellectual property, copyright, or other rights. By posting material to an online community or a social media site, the member grants the NursEduPal@Euro team and users of the site the nonexclusive right and license to display, copy, publish, distribute, transmit, print, and use such information or other materials.

Home Forums

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Unsubscribing and deletion of account

You can either delete your account automatically by your own or ask for removal to be done manually. For more instructions see page: Account deletion

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