Meet the EAPC Team

The EAPC team has the following responsibilites in the NursEduPal@Euro project

  1. Project dissemination and exploitation leads; 
  2. Input and feedback to all other Intellectual Outputs
Julie Ling
National project coordinator

Julie has been CEO of the European Association for Palliative Care since January 2015. Originally a nurse, Julie has worked in palliative care for over thirty years in both adult and children’s palliative care.  She has held a variety of posts in clinical care; management; research; policy and the voluntary sector.

Cathy Payne
Project dissemination officer

Cathy is a Research and Project Officer for the European Association for Palliative Care based in Northern Ireland. She has worked within specialist palliative care since 2004, as a clinical dietitian, a lecturer and a researcher.

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